Airmatics guarantees that when we perform repairs, maintenance, or have completed the installation of the conditioner, we have fulfilled it according to the manufacturer’s instructions, regulations, and standards.

Airmatics guarantees that the work was performed by specialists with EPA and NATE certificate, using professional equipment and materials.

Airmatics guarantees that the performed work, installed parts, components and equipment meets your approved order.


Airmatics guarantees its customers a 1-year warranty on the performed labor. The warranty period for equipment, components, and spare parts corresponds to the period of guarantee of the manufacturer.

Airmatics guarantees that during the warranty period, with damage to the system or its part, or malfunction, we will carry out all the necessary work, and if necessary make the change absolutely free of charge.

The warranty is valid subject to compliance with the requirements operating manuls and regular maintenance.

Airmatics cannot support guarantee in the following cases:

  • the absence of preventive maintenance of the system of air-conditioning and heating;
  • non-compliance with the instructions in the user manual;
  • detection of foreign objects, dirt, liquids or corrosive substances within the system;
  • when connecting to an electrical outlet that is not the appropriate standard voltage;
  • If there is mechanical damage;
  • in the case of repair, modification, or maintenance of the system of individuals or companies do not have the proper license;
  • actions of insurmountable force, intentional or careless actions of the buyer or third parties.


Dear Customer

Before using the air conditioner or heating, carefully read the Operating manual. It contains a lot of important information, necessary in the daily operation of the system. Be sure to respond to the first symptoms of malfunctioning equipment, without waiting for the release of his failure. We strongly recommend you choose one of our preventive maintenance programs that will allow you to not only extend the life of your system but also reduce energy bills.