When to Upgrade Your Electric Heating System (Tips for 2023)

Addison, TX, homeowners may need to upgrade their electric heating system in 2023. But how do you know when an upgrade is necessary? At Airmatices, we have the experience and expertise to shed insights into this predicament. Check out more about this subject below.

Signs you need a heating system upgrade

  • System older than 10 years
  • Spikes in energy bills
  • House is too cold during winter
  • House is too humid during summer
  • Heating unit makes disturbing noise
  • Thermostat is obsolete

Just Plain Old

Energy Star reports that heating systems older than ten years only operate between 55 to 70 percent efficiency. Upgrading your systems would improve the efficiency rate to 99 percent, saving you money on energy bills. If you are around the 10-year mark, consider scheduling an inspection to determine if an upgrade is prudent.

Energy Bill Spike

Speaking of energy bills, a sudden spike is another sign you should upgrade your heating system. Inefficient systems require more energy usage to heat your home’s interior adequately. Unfortunately, your energy bills will follow suit, costing you a significant amount of money every month.

Although the upfront cost of heating system replacement may deter some homeowners, the long-term savings more than make up for it. The good news is that an experienced HVAC technician can diagnose whether a replacement is necessary.

House is Too Cold

The main job of a heating system is to, you know, heat your house. If your home’s interior is too cold, it reflects an issue with your electric heating system. As a result, it might be time for an upgrade, especially during winter. 

You may notice that some rooms are colder than others, which is another bad sign for your heating system. Still, it’s wise to schedule an inspection before you conclude that a replacement is required. Sometimes, a vent cleaning will correct the problem and adequately distribute the heat.

Humidity Issues

One of the underrated problems with a heating system is its cause of humidity during the summer. Typically, this also results in dryness during the winter, which may cause sinus problems for residents. A sound heating system should reduce dry air and enhance fresh air.

For homeowners with woodworking and pianos, this condition can be especially important. A sound heating system will help preserve these materials over time.

Unit Makes Noise

If something sounds wrong with your electric heating system, it probably is. For example, you may notice squeaking sounds, clanks, or rumbles emanating from your HVAC unit. If so, it’s time to schedule an inspection to determine if a heating replacement is the best option.

Obsolete Thermostat

Modern thermostats have more features, including technological advancements, that can create more comfort within your home. If your current thermostat lacks such features, an upgrade can be in your future. In addition, homeowners may find the new features help improve your home’s overall comfort level.

Finding the Right HVAC Company

Upgrading your electrical heating system requires a professional company with a track record of success. If you need a heating upgrade in Frisco, TX, or surrounding areas, contact Airmatics today. You can check out our pins and reviews to learn more about our services and company. We look forward to meeting all of your heating needs in 2023.