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An HVAC Technician Checks and Air Conditioner.

Experienced AC Professionals

When your air conditioner stops cooling as well as it once did or it quits working altogether, it might mean you just need a few repairs or the whole system needs to be replaced. Much of this will depend on the air conditioner’s age. If it’s more than 15 years old, it might be best to replace the unit. To find out if your system just needs repairs or if it’s time to replace it, call (972) 996-6929 to reach the experienced professionals at Airmatics, an established and leading air conditioning services company in Addison, TX. Our expert technicians will quickly diagnose the problem and offer solutions to you so you can make informed decisions.

Our Service Offerings in Addison, TX

Airmatics has established itself as a leading air conditioning services company in Addison, TX by always providing exceptional service. Our highly experienced technicians are all EPA and NATE (North American Technician Excellence) certified professionals trained on the latest HVAC technologies. They work on all varieties of air conditioners, providing an extensive range of services. Their goal with all our customers is to increase comfort and improve quality of life. Among the services we provide include:

  • Air conditioner parts replacement: From compressors to condensers, we provide superior parts replacement services. We’ll save you money by using the most energy-efficient parts from leading manufacturers.
  • Air conditioner replacement and installation: When it comes time to replace your air conditioner, not only will your new unit be top-of-the-line, the service we provide will always be exceptional. We make every effort to install your new, reliable, and energy-efficient system as quickly as possible and at minimum inconvenience to you.
  • Emergency air conditioner repair: Our experienced professionals are available around-the-clock for emergency repairs. We know how important it is to your health, safety, and comfort to ensure your air conditioning is restored and working right as quickly as we can service it.
  • Whole house air purification: Improving your indoor air quality is one of the most significant ways we can enhance your quality of life. With whole-house air purification, you’ll breathe easier, suffer fewer issues with allergies, and even sleep better.

Maintain Your Unit to Reduce Costly Repairs

Poor maintenance is one of the leading reasons people spend so much on air conditioner repairs. Because our service technicians are trained on the latest technology, including special tools, they’ll provide high-quality maintenance services that can save you money in the long run.

Free Estimates, Extensive Warranty Coverage

When you do need repairs or need to have your system replaced, Airmatics provides free estimates on all services. We’ll diagnose the problem and relate to you the best solutions so you can make a responsible decision about repairs. Our pricing is budget-friendly, and our services are covered by extensive material and labor warranties. Whenever we install a new system, we’ll also install a smart thermostat that will give you greater control over the system and improved comfort levels.

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Whether you need a new air conditioner or just need repairs or maintenance, when you’re looking for a trusted local air conditioning services company in Addison, TX, you need to look no further than Airmatics. We offer an extensive range of exceptional service solutions. Learn more or book a service call by phoning (972) 996-6929.